How It Works

The fast and affordable alternative for uncontested divorce!

For over 40 years, Divorce Yourself’s services have helped thousands throughout New York State file their uncontested divorce quickly and without the expense of an attorney. In many cases, we can have your divorce completed in less than 8 weeks. We help you every step of the way!

How It Works

N.Y.S. Grounds for Divorce

No Fault (Irretrievable breakdown in relationship for at least six months), Cruel & Inhuman Treatment, Abandonment, Imprisonment, Separation, and Adultery.

New York State

NEW YORK STATE is an “Equitable Distribution” state. This basically means that all marital property (assets and debts) acquired during the time of marriage are equally owned by both Husband and Wife (even if the item is in one parties’ name). To prevent a long, expensive court battle, knowing that the state considers everything marital property, it is to your advantage to attempt to provide for division of property and repayment of marital debts together. If you are unable to come to an agreement, seek Mediation or an Attorney.

Other things that may be taken into consideration by the Judge are:

Child Support

CHILD SUPPORT minimum is established by N.Y.S. The minimum child support is: 1 Child – 17%, 2 Children – 25%, 3 Children – 29%, 4 Children – 35%, etc. The tables for child support are found in “WITH MINOR CHILDREN ONLY” envelope. Apply figure listed in this chart or greater when determining applicable child support.

Poor Person's Waiver

POOR PERSON’S WAIVER is a available for people at the poverty level, on Social Services, or Disability. If you think you may be eligible, call for the proper papers. To obtain a Poor Person’s Waiver you may be required to show proof of income for the past fiscal year, as well as income to the present date.