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“Divorce Yourself went above and beyond for me. I didn’t feel like I was going through the process alone. I appreciate everything they did for me and tell everyone how helpful and easy they made it.”
S.N. Rochester, NY
“I was nervous, but Divorce Yourself made it easy and fast. Everyone was very helpful, professional, and handled my paperwork in a timely manner. I refer people all the time!”
L.M. LeRoy, NY
“The process went so fast! I couldn’t believe when I received the letter from the court that it was done already. Divorce Yourself provided everything, I just had to have the forms notarized.”
T.B. Penfield, NY
“We knew we would have to discuss terms and come to an acceptable, civil agreement…so, why pay an attorney to do what we would be doing ourselves? We had to work together to get things done – but we followed the instructions and the guidance of the people at Divorce Yourself and got our divorce in a timely manner without spending a fortune or further damaging our relationship. The whole process was civil, simple and inexpensive.”
T.R. Pittsford, NY


Ans: Not necessarily. In many cases, an uncontested divorce can be handled by the individual seeking the divorce.
Ans: A divorce where both spouses can reach a decision as to the terms of the divorce (grounds for the divorce, custody of the children, visitation rights, child support, spousal maintenance, and equitable division of the marital property). Uncontested divorces often move more quickly through the courts and are less expensive than contested divorces.
Ans: With over 30 years experience and thousands of uncontested divorces, we have made the process easy, fast, & affordable for you. You simply fill out our easy to follow questionnaire, return it us, and we provide the necessary documents with directions for starting & completing your divorce. Most importantly, we are available to meet with you in person and guide you every step of the way. If that is not most convenient, we can also complete your divorce by mail or e-mail.
Ans: This really depends on you. The faster you complete our questionnaire and return it to us, the sooner your divorce will be complete. Typically they are complete in 8-12 weeks, but many are done faster.
Ans: Call us to determine if you are eligible. If so, we will schedule a time to go over the questionnaire and answer your questions. If you can not come in, we will mail the packet to you and schedule a time to review it by phone.


Divorce Yourself is a legal document preparation service. It is not a law firm and does not act as your attorney or represent you in a court of law. Rather, it helps you represent yourself in your legal matter and assists you in legal document preparation and filing. If you seek representation, are involved in litigation or have complex legal issues that cannot be resolved on your own, we recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney. If you require an attorney, we can supply you with an attorney referral.